Strategic use of Big Data

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How to make Strategic use of Big Data

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Background and content

The Google platform is one of the world´s greatest sources of free data. Every day, billions of searches create a huge source of knowledge about practically all companies, trades, categories and markets – an enormous pool of data accessible for you for free and that you can easily analyze and make use of with the right set of tools.

This overview course is about how to make strategic use of huge sets of quantitative data and what tools to use – tools that every business leader should know about.

In order to make use of the huge amount of available Google data this course will give you an overview of three great Google tools. You will be instructed and inspired by the long time Googler, Karl Sandstedt from Google.

During the course you will learn more about:

  • Google Trends – a tool that enables you to see what is trending right now. Learn how to analyze your brand, your company, your category, your products and services and your most important competitors.
  • Google Analytics tracks web site traffic. Learn how to create essential reports about keywords, behavior, landing pages, mobile search, acquisition and top conversion paths.
  • Consumer Barometer is a huge source of knowledge about consumer behavior that will help you make sure that you allocate your marketing budget in accordance with the consumer behavior in your different sub markets.


How to make Strategic use of Big Data according to Google is a quick overview course for CxO:s and corresponds to a half day instructor led course. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete, including recommended exercises.

The course is a guide to easy-to-use Google tools for making strategic use of quantitative data. Make sure to carry through the exercises and take proper time to play around with the tools to find out how they could be of most relevance to you and your business.

Target Group

  • CxO:s with a general interest in learning more about free tools and free sources of data to be used as a support in decision making processes
  • Marketing and communication professionals (beginners level)
  • Web and analytic teams (beginners level)


Karl Sandstedt, Head of Carriers, Android and Chrome Partnerships at Google Nordics.

Read more about Karl on his LinkedIN LinkedIn page.

Karl Sandstedt holds a M.Sc. in Business and Economics and joined Google in 2007 with previous academic – and business background from Spain, Argentina, Ireland and Sweden. He currently heads up a telecommunication partnerships division at Google as well as hold several advisory positions within Swedish and European tech startups.