Product Management – 8 tools for success

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Product Management – 8 tools for success

Product Management – 8 tools for success

Product management is a central business process that basically involves and concerns all parts of the company. Working as a product manager or in other roles within the field of product management means you are part of an essential process and partly responsible for the development of profitable products highly requested by the market.

In many companies, the role of the product manager is being established and the role has quickly become a strategic asset for the company – the background is increased complexity in the business environment where decision makers are expected to have deep understanding of technology as well as business.

The course Product Management – 8 tools for success consists of methods and tools that helps you develop a structured approach to product management within your company, get more effecient and to create the conditions needed in order to develop and deliver profitable products and high customer value.

”With one foot rooted in academia and the other in everyday operations”

The course is based on modern research from universities and institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Uppsala University and Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. All methods and tools tought in the course are well proven in leading Scandinavian and multinational companies representing various industries.

” A ´must-attend´course for all professionals working as product managers or aspires to be a product manager”

The signum of the course is the combination of theoretical and practical perspectives – the metohds and tools are all aligned with modern ”ways of working” such as Agile, Scrum and Lean.

During the course you will learn:

  • Product Management as a function, as a role and as a process
  • All key activities that are relevant within the area of product management
  • The interfaces within the company – the relationsship between the product manager and the rest of the organization
  • How you create marjet och technology insights – long term and short term
  • How you create profitable product strategies that are aligned with the visions and goals of the company
  • Product planning and road mapping
  • Requirements management and new product ideas
  • How to plan and implement successful product launches
  • Product value – how to identify and communicate in relation to your customers


Earlier participants about the course:

“Our Product Managers have gained skills and become more assertive – delivering higher value in their daily work.” 


“Very good overview of product management, for me a good refresh of concepts and some new things.”


The Disposition of the Product Management Online Course:

Introduction to the course and presentation of the team of instructors

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Product Management
  • Lesson 2: To create insight into market development and our own capabilities
  • Lesson 3: To create profitable strategies
  • Lesson 4: Product planning with Roadmapping
  • Lesson 5: Requirements management
  • Lesson 6: Value engineering
  • Lesson 7: Successful product launches
  • Lesson 8: The Product manager role – and the program summary
  • Evaluation and diploma

Every lesson of the online course consists of a 15-35 minute lecture that gives you both theoretical insights as well as practical case examples from real life situations. In every lesson you get access to downloadable presentation documentation, separate documentation for each method and tool and every lesson ends with a quiz in order to make sure you have grasped all key pedagogical aspects of the lesson.

In total, the lectures of the course amounts to approximately three hours (excluding practial exercises, quizzes, testing of methods and tools and other recommended reading) and is equivalent to two days of classroom training.

After passing all steps of the course you will recieve a course certificate.

Course teachers

Magnus Billgren, serial entrepreneur, CEO and founder, Tolpagorni Product Management – Northern Europe’s leading specialists in product management in technology companies. Magnus is a global authority in the field, and Fellow of ISPMA (International Software PM Association). He drives the Product Management internal training on some of the largest technology companies. Magnus act as an external thought leader and expert in a number of Product Councils at industrial companies.

Erik Bjernulf, for many years head teacher at Tolpagornis open product training. Erik recently had the interim assignment as VP Product Management and works with coaching and development of new and existing product management organizations. Erik has a background in management positions in business development and responsibility of companies large and small.

Bo Tiderman, background as CEO and Product Manager for IT and technology products. Bo operates a number of networks for product managers and continuously maintains the assessment and benchmarking of product management functions at companies large and small.

Target group

The target audience for the course is product managers (or professionals aspiring to be a product manager), product owners, marketing managers, business developers, project and program managers and others with a professional interest in product development, processes, strategies and marketing.

Course price

The price for the online course is SEK 3500 excl. VAT