Enterprise Architecture (EA) – from a business perspective

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) – from a business perspective


Business oriented EA – background

All of us working with business development and/or enterprise architecture are aware of the difficulty in mobilizing our organizations to meet the changes on todays fast moving markets.

The change can be about technology disrupting our choosen solutions, new customer preferences or other aspects that will impose significant change of the logic of our markets.

The most evident disruptive force in most markets today is digitization – forcing market after market to rethink its logic and transform the business structures.

The course Enterprise Architecture (EA)  – from a business perspective is about just that – to develop your skills in analyzing the need for structural change, design the future solution and make it work.

Flexibility and business understanding

In order to be a succesful enterprise architect, it is crucial that you use the business perspective as a starting point when designing and building the structural dimensions of your organization. It will make it more likely that you and your team develop solutions that are sufficient for your organization and for your markets and customers.

The course will teach you how to use EA to deliver business value

The course will give you deeper knowledge about the corner stones of EA as well as a coherent and thorough method for linking the business perspective (strategy, business model, organization and management) to the EA framework.

During the course you will learn:

  • Business oriented EA – a coherent and thorough framwork
  • Succesful method on how to link strategy, business model, organization and management to the EA structure
  • Strategic business requirements
  • Capabilities and capability map
  • Process-, information-, system-, ideal- and solution architecture
  • Organizational design
  • How to plan an architecture driven initiative

Mixed modern pedagogics

We are all different, we learn differently, we have different ambitions and different amounts of time. To maximize flexibility and ensure that account is taken of your ambition, you can choose how the course structure should look like for you. The course combines a variety of teaching methods to maximize learning, flexibility and a mixture of theory and practice. We mix online based self-study with practical application in classroom situations and preparation for implementation in your organization.

Two ways to participate in the course

Alternative 1: The Complete Course Package is built up by both the online course and the workshop. This package is suited for those both wanting to learn about enterprise architecture as well as to practice and prepare for implementation.

Alternative 2: The online course only alternative is suited for those wanting to learn about enterprise architecture but do not have the need for deeper exercises and class room based discussions.

Part 1: The disposition of the online course:

Introduction to the course and presentation of the team of instructors

  • Lesson 1: Introduction [10 minutes]
  • Lesson 2: The Enterprise Architecture (EA) Framework [15 minutes]
  • Lesson 3: EA in a Business Context [17 minutes]
  • Lesson 4: Strategic Business Requirements [12 minutes]
  • Lesson 5: Capability Architecture [7 minutes]
  • Lesson 6: Design a Capability map [16 minutes]
  • Lesson 7: Process Architecture [12 minutes]
  • Lesson 8: Information Architecture [75 minutes]
  • Lesson 9: System Architecture [14 minutes]
  • Lesson 10: Ideal Architecture [16 minutes]
  • Lesson 11: Solution Architecture [11 minutes]
  • Lesson 12: Solution Architecture – process [20 minutes]
  • Lesson 13: Organizational design [15 minutes]
  • Lesson 14: Solution Architecture – system [16 minutes]
  • Lesson 15: Plan an architecture driven initiative [11 minutes]
  • Evaluation and diploma

The structure and contents of the lessons of the Online course

  • Overview, background, key objectives
  • One/several film lectures going through the competence dimensions of the lesson – theoretical perspectives and case examples
  • Downloadable documentation, occational methods, tools and templates
  • Every lesson ends with a quiz
  • The lectures amount to approximately 4 hours. In addition, prepare for 4-8 more hours for exercises, discussion with colleagues/team and reflection. The course is equivalent to three days of class room training.
  • After course completion the participant recieves a diploma

Part 2: Classroom based workshop

The second part of the complete course package is the classroom based practical EA workshop. The key objective of the workshop is to practice on different methods and tools, discuss with other enterprise architects and with the teachers of the course in order to get a better understanding of the conditions for implementation. The workshop is led by the course teachers.

The next workshop will be held in Stockholm during the spring of 2017. Dates will e published soon.

High level agenda of the workshop

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Presentation of the teachers and the group
  • Practical exercises and discussions on chosen EA methods and tools
  • Conclusions
  • The workshop ends

Course teachers

Lars Mårtensson is a Director and Head of Business Design at Cordial. Lars has extensive experience from working with Business Architecture in different types of organizations and industries. Lars is a highly experienced and appreciated teacher and speaker.

Henrik Engström works at Cordial as a Specialized Manager with focus on Business Architecture. He has spent the last 16 years as a business development Consultant in multiple industries. Henrik is a highly experienced and appreciated teacher and speaker.

Target group

The target group of the course are process developers, business developers, project managers CIO, IT architects, information architects, solution architects, business analysts or others with a need for deeper knowledge and understanding about enterprise architecture and business structure.

Course price

Complete course package (online course plus workshop)
The price for the whole course package (online course plus workshop) is SEK 7995 excl. VAT

Online course only
The price for the online course is SEK 4995 excl. VAT