Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

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Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Background – ”The Magic of Business Processes”

Working with business processes is a well documented and successful method since the processes has its starting point in the natural flow of activities seen from a customer perspective.

The processes also helps us describe and measure our work in relation to the percieved customer value. This will give us a solid foundation for our contionus work developing and radically improving our businesses, with precision.

Digital Disruption – identify the potential in your business

Many businesses are currently exposed to disruptive forces caused by the digital transformation in the market. In order to reach desirable results when transforming your business it is crucial to identify where and how your activities in a process can be developed, improved and/or be automated.

The Business Process Reengineering course will give you the necessary knowledge to elevate the organizational performance with well defined method and distinct precision.

During the course you will learn:

  • Business Process Reengineering as a concept
  • Business processes – potential, capabilities and challanges
  • How you create a ”burning platfprm” – articulate and illustrate the need for radical improvement
  • How to create a process map (high level)
  • How to measure the efficiency of processes
  • How to identify obvious potential for improvement and how to decide targets
  • Process check points
  • How to involve the customers as part of the value creation
  • How to involve the company ”front line”

Mixed modern pedagogics – ”blended learning”

The course package blends individual online based training with a practical classroom based workshop. The objective of the blended learning concept is to create an efficient learning process and to balance between theoretical and practical perspectives.

The book Business Process Reengineering by the teacher Björn-Erik Willoch is included in the course price and will be sent to all participants of the course in connection to registration.

Mixed modern pedagogics

We are all different, we learn differently, we have different ambitions and different amounts of time. To maximize flexibility and ensure that account is taken of your ambition, you can choose how the course structure should look like for you. The course combines a variety of teaching methods to maximize learning, flexibility and a mixture of theory and practice. We mix online-based self-study with practical application in classroom situations and preparation for implementation in your organization.

The disposition of the online course

Lesson 1: Introduction to Business Process Reengineering [Length 35 minutes]

  • Background and the history of business processes
  • The concept of Business Process Reengineering
  • Functions vs. Processes
  • Business processes – potential, capabilities and challenges

Lesson 2: Mobilization [Length 30 minutes]

  • Create a burning platform: articulate and illustrate the need for radical change and dramatic improvement
  • Establish a high level process map
  • Prioritize process candidates for BPR
  • Appoint process owners for the prioritised processes

Lesson 3: Diagnosis [Length 20 minutes]

  • How to describe/model the process
  • Identify relevant process metrics, and establish a measurement baseline
  • Identify obvious improvement opportunities (“low hanging fruit”)
  • Establish dramatic improvement objectives

Lesson 4: Innovation [Length 35 minutes]

  • How to design the process with regard to standard cases vs. special cases
  • Checkpoints in the processes
  • How would you involve the customer to do part of the value creation?
  • How to integrate the processes with the customers’ processes
  • Processes that empower the front line people
  • How to secure a process that allows late flexibility

Every lesson of the online course consists of lectures that gives you both theoretical insights as well as practical case examples from real life situations. In most lessons you get access to downloadable documentation, methods and tools and every lesson ends with a quiz in order to make sure you have grasped all key pedagogical aspects of the lesson.

In total, the lectures of the course amounts to approximately two hours (excluding practial exercises, quizzes, testing of methods and tools and other recommended reading) and is equivalent to two days of classroom training.

After passing all steps of the course you will recieve a course certificate.


In the course package the book Business Process Reengineering by Björn-Erik Willoch is included.

Course teacher

Björn-Erik Willoch is Senior Advisor at Cordial. He has over 25 years of experience within leadership and management in both Swedish and international companies. Björn-Erik was a driving force in the development of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in Scandinavia in the 1990s when he helped establish Ernst & Young Management Consulting in the region. As regional CEO, and later Global Head of Consulting, at Capgemini, Björn-Erik has also spent a significant part of his career in an international environment.

Target group

The target audience for the course are business unit leaders, business developers, product and process owners, CIO, CTO, IT architects, enterprise architects and other architect roles, management and IT consultans or others with a strategic role in the organization and a professional interest in business processes.

Course price

The price for the online course is SEK 2995 excl. VAT

*In the price the book Business Process Reengineering by Björn-Erik Willoch is included. It will be sent to you by post after registration to the course.