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Team Tolpagorni

Product Management – 8 tools for success

The course Product Management – 8 tools for success consists of methods and tools that helps you develop a structured approach to product management within your company, get more effecient and to create the conditions needed in order to develop and deliver profitable products and high customer value.

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Henrik och Lars

Enterprise Architecture (EA) – from a business perspective

The EA course will give you deeper knoewledge about the corner stones of EA as well as a coherent and thorough method for linking the business perspective (strategy, business model, organization and management) to the EA framework.

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Björn-Erik Willoch

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

The Business Process Reengineering (BPR) course will give you the necessary knowledge to elevate the organizational performance with well defined method and distinct precision.

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SAS Ny kursbild 2

Applied Analytics Overview

The course will give you deeper understanding of the evolution of analytics and its business potential as well as knowledge on how to turn analytics into a structured process. You will also learn more about applied and advanced analytics.

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Karl Sandstedt - Google

Strategic use of Big Data

This overview course is about how to make strategic use of huge sets of quantitative data and what tools to use – tools that every business leader should know about.

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